In today’s competitive environment, your business success depends largely on your ability to respond quickly to changing customer demand. Therefore, your enterprise software must be more powerful and flexible than ever before. To help ensure minimum downtime and maximum performance, you need a trusted partner who works hard to meet your support requirements.

SoftIQ delivers practical, real-world solutions and support services to help you thrive in this demand-driven economy. Our strong commitment to customers has earned us an industry-leading customer retention rate. We believe this is related directly to our customer-first strategy and three-pronged approach to fulfilling our goals.

We know that when you contact us, you have issues requiring in-depth product expertise and quick turnaround. Therefore, we strive to provide unparalleled service, whether you have a single site or multiple sites; are local, national, or global in nature; and whether you are a first-time user or long-time user .

Covers remote support as defined within the scope of the agreement within regular office hours. The client is provided with after hours contacts for the support team on stand- by. SoftIQ also has a team on standy-by for critical incident support related to licensing issues to whom our consultants would escalate any issues if necessary.

Critical Incident Support is the provision of support via telephone or in worst case scenario on premise support for business stand still situations (severity 1) that a customer may encounter. SLA related critical incident support requires the customer to provide access to its personnel and equipment during and outside of normal working.