is a multi-location retail software with virtually no limits on location, ledgers, items SKUs, departments, cost centers, and transactions you enter. It comes as an off the shelf solution focusing on retail businesses and increases profitability by improving billing speed and accuracy with barcodes, touch screen entry and schemes, provides complete financial and inventor y management… 100% guaranteed.

is a Restaurant management software with POS and back-office management for a stand-alone restaurant or a chain, that provides POS billing, KOT printing, food costing, store control, financial accounting, payroll and
customer loyalty program. Unlike other restaurant software, it’s simple to setup, use and manage. Train new employees in less time.

is a Hotel Management System for a stand-alone hotel or a chain, that provides front-office management, housekeeping, food and beverages  control, store control, financial accounting, payroll and customer loyalty program. Unlike other hotel software, it’s simple to setup, use and manage, so that your new employees get trained in less time.